Twista Products
Unique Leather Money Pouch
Stash Your Cash
Made with HTML Egg on a Mac

Stash Your Cash

This Twista Pouch so neat and flat
Will fit in your pocket no doubt about that
Just twist to the left to open it so
And into your pouch your money will go
Now twist to the right to close it all tight
Your money is secure, yes that’s right
Before you go I want you to know
This Twista Pouch of leather is made
And workmanship is all top grade
Fair dinkum mate I nearly forgot
Its made in Australia that’s what.
All Pouches are $20 each postage extra.
For wholesale and all other enquiries please phone 0438793178 or email us thank you.
We always have a
good variety available but they will vary in shade and colour so please enquire.